Rovings and Lockwool


Our Rovings are made using our home grown, hand washed, natural and hand dyed lock wool.  We take these to a local processing mill, where they are blended to our specification and carded into Rovings. The Rovings come in about 3- 4oz balls, ready to spin.  Like our dyed lock wool, they are limited, one of a kind quantities.  Due to the hand dyeing process and size of natural color fleeces we can not exactly match batches, be sure to order enough for your project. 

We can custom dye colors, and frequently have smaller batches available that may not make it onto the website.  If you are looking for a particular color then just email!  We have a variety of fiber types available as well. 

Rovings are priced at $4/per ounce.


Creamy Cotswold
This roving comes from our white Cotswolds.  It is a silky,strong , lustrous fiber that isbeautiful natural or dyed. 

  Silver Cotswold
This roving is from one of our "black" Cotswolds that has turned a light silver. It has the same characteristics as the white, and is also great overdyed.
  Green Variegated Roving
This roving is a mix of greens and gold. The fiber comes from a cross bred ewe, mix of Merino, Border Leicester, and Targhee.
Limited Quantity
  Plum variegated Roving
If you like purple this is the one for you.  It is a blend of purple colors.  The fiber comes from a cross bred ewe, mix of Merino, Border Leicester, and  Targhee. 
Limited Quantity

Lock Wool 

Our lock wool has been through several wash and rinse cycles.  Once it is squeaky clean, it is air dried and fluffed.  At this point we hand dye some of the locks.  Our dye batches are small (usually about 2 pounds per color); each color is a limited quantity original, with some variation from one dye batch to the next.   In other words make sure you order enough from one batch for your project.   This wool all comes from the pampered sheep on our farm.  As with our raw fleece, there is occasionally some vegetation in our lock wool.  This comes from the fact that our sheep free range the hills and woods.  We go to great lengths to keep this vegetation to a minimum!  Lock wool is great to spin from lock, card and blend,  or adds wonderful texture to felted items. 


Curly Cotswold Locks, these are perfect for Santa creations and dolls.  We select the curliest curls for doll makers. 

$5.00 per ounce

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