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 Our Fleeces

We go to great lengths to keep our fleece in premium condition. Our sheep free range the idyllic rolling hills and woods of Southwest Wisconsin; they enjoy a wide variety of naturally grown pasture and forest plants.  Because of this you will occasionally find small bits of organically grown vegetation in their fleece.  We do not coat or cover our sheep, this requires more effort in our feeding practice, but we prefer an uncoated fleece.  Coated fleeces will often have matting/felting that occurs on the tips of the wool.  We also feel that the natural sun’s touch adds interesting color variation to the colored fleeces.  Our fleece is high quality fleece.  From the shearing floor it is well skirted, to remove any soiled and undesirable wool; this means that you receive only premium wool.

 Our fleeces have consistently placed in the top of the Medium and Longwool Divisions of the Handspinners class at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival Fleece Show for both the colored and white fleece.

Most of our fleece falls into the medium crimp category.  This is a good fleece for spinning and felting.  Our flock is a make up of various breeds, crossed for their beautiful fleece.  We have Salish, Merino, Border Leicester, English Leicester, and Blue Faced Leicester.  The cross of Fine Wool breeds with the Long Wool breeds creates a medium wool that is easy to work with and has the wonderful Longwool luster.

We shear our breeding stock in the spring and fall.  The lambs are shorn in October.  Watch for new fleeces to be listed for sale !  Many times we have fleeces that do not all make it to the webpage.  If you are interested in a specific type or color just email, we may have it.

Because some of our fleeces may be larger than you need, we will gladly split any fleece weighing over 4 pounds in half. 


Colored Fleeces

An interesting wool fact is that as sheep age they change wool color, just as people do.  Some sheep turn gray faster than others, some as soon as their first year.  This means that no two fleeces are alike, even from one particular animal from one year to the next.  In our flock we find that the darkest fleece usually comes from the youngest animal. 

White Fleeces

Our white fleece have the luster of the longwools, the fleeces shimmer in the sun.  These are beautiful in their natural color or will work great in your dyeing projects.  We have a variety of white fleeces from both the Blue Faced Leicester X and Cotswold sheep.


I would be glad to send more photos of a fleece if requested.

We currently have a number of  Fall clip lamb fleeces, if you are looking for a particular type of fleece please contact us for availability.







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