Lamb Shares

If you like the idea of adopting a sheep, but maybe you just don't know what you would do with all that wool, or you can't choose which sheep!  We have just the thing for you.  You have probably heard of CSA shares where you share the harvest of lettuce, carrots, and other veggies from the farm, well we have a new twist (pun intended), we are offering a share of our lamb's wool harvest.  While you may not know what to do with those beets that you get from the garden, and there maybe too many tomatoes; there will be no trouble deciding what to do with our soft lustrous 100% wool . 

Our spring lambs donate the fleece.  These are a mix of color or white.  We wash the fleeces, take them to the mill, have them carded then ship them to you, all as part of the share.  You can choose if you would like white, brown or a heather blend of the two colors.  If you prefer to receive washed locks for your share we are happy to accommodate , just let us know your preference. 

In addition, we will send you 6 note cards with sheep photos and you will receive our newsletters.  We encourage all our adopters and shareholders to ask questions, we are always happy to "talk sheep".

Our lambs are a mixture of Blue Faced Leicester crosses and Cotswold.  A great blend of softness and luster.  We have received rave reviews over these lamb fleeces.  Indulge in some soft natural fiber for yourself or give a share as a gift.

Shares can be purchased for $170 each or if you prefer to pay monthly, a  payment of $20 per month.  There are a limited amount of shares available, and each share is approximately 2lbs of rovings.  


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