Customer Projects

We want to brag about our talented customers!  They are sooo creative that we just can't keep it all to ourselves.  Modesty gets you nowhere, so we are showing the world what great artists they are.  If you would like to be featured on our website let us know, we are also happy to add a link or contact information if you have products for sale.

This shawl was knitted by

Sandy Alders  Crowborough  East Sussex  UK

Sandy separated the various colors of silver in Sadie's fleece to get the lined color effect. 



This beautiful shawl was created by Dee Wilson of Post Falls, ID.  She dyed the hand-spun singles in the Crock pot before knitting this wonderful shawl from Lily's wool.



This fun ram was created by Catherine Murphy in Napa, CA  She used curly Cotswold locks to give this fellow his proud coat.


 When Miles Teitge wanted some locks of wool to come up with his Rumplestilskin costume, I had to see a photo!  With a felting needle and curly locks he went to work.  He had never needle felted before, what a creative first project! 

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