We know there are people out there that would love to have their own sheep, but for whatever reason it isn’t possible. We have started our Adopt- a- Sheep program for these people. It’s like having your own sheep, but you don’t even have to go out on those cold winter days to feed them! The adoption fee is $20 per month, or if you pay the full amount at once it is $170. The way that it works is that when you adopt a sheep you will receive a set of 6 note cards with your sheep’s picture on them. These make great gift announcements if you are adopting the sheep for someone else, or to announce your new family addition. The adoption lasts for one year. During this time you will get updates on what is going on here on the farm, lambing time is particularly exciting!  You are also welcome to email and ask questions. Your adoption fee also entitles you to the fleece from your adopted sheep. I will wash and mail the fleece to you, all included in the adoption fee. If you would like to receive ready to spin rovings, I will be glad to have your fleece carded at the local mill before I send them, there is an additional cost of approximately $6/lb. for this (price is subject to change). This makes a wonderful gift for the hard to buy for hand spinner or fiber artist, not to mention a great gift for yourself!

We are always happy to set up a visit to our farm, we ask that you make arrangements ahead of time so that we are able to give our undivided attention to making your visit enjoyable.


Sweet Pea  was born on a subzero morning to Athena.  Athena was not sure what to make of a lamb and she was left to get cold. She only weighed 4lbs and was near death when she was rescued. She spent the first few days cuddled with someone because she would cry when put down.  She is a pure bred Cotswold.

                Adopted by Christine Brunner

   Kelsey's Lamb-waiting for name
Was born March 10, 2014 She is a mix of a number of breeds with CVM being the largest. She has a nice medium fine fleece.

               Available for Adoption

Lotti  was about the cutest lamb ever  born, she was all different colors of silver and brown.  She LOVES to have her back scratched and will paw at your leg until you pay attention to her.  She was born February 11, 2006.

               Available for Adoption


Samantha moved here with her half sister , Chocolate, as a lamb in 2010.  Her father is a CVM and mother Merino.

   Adopted by Brooke for
           Patricia  Podlogar


Surprise as her name indicates was just that. She makes friends with everyone that comes along. She was the first lamb born during the 2008 season, on January 25. She is Cotswold, Blue Faced Leicester, Border Leicester, and then some. She has a beautiful silky brown fleece.

Adopted by Stacy Feltner-Johnson


Fiona born March 16, 2006. She is Blue Faced Leicester, English Leicester, Salish, Targhee, and a few more tidbits. All the Leicester in her lineage really shows through with a wonderful luster, with just the right amount of softness to be a very versatile fleece. (On right)

Adopted by Jan McMahan


Little Belle is the daughter of Belle, our most beloved old girl and Apollo. She is a combination of Blue Faced Leicester, Merino, Columbia, and Cotswold. She was born January 18,2009.

Adopted by Julie Harding


Daphne was born on March 4, 2008. She is also a registered
Cotswold, and has beautiful lustrous curls. ( On left)

Available for Adoption

               Aphrodite was born on April 2, 2011. She is  a registered Cotswold, and has silver lustrous curls.

                Available for Adoption

                Leleni was born March 1, 2014 she is a purebred Cotswold.
Adopted by Tom for Allison Vranas
         Woolamina was born March 4, 2014 she is a Blue Faced leicester and CVM cross with a few other things tossed in.
Adopted by Phil for Laura Keiken
   Surprise lamb- waiting for name
Sometimes names just don't quite happen, its not that she doesn't have a name, just that it belongs to her mom and it just stuck with her.  She would like a name of her own.  She was born April 10, 2012 and is 3/4 cotswold and 1/4 Leicester and has the best of both fleeces, it is long and curly, but has a soft handle
Available for adoption


Mersadie was born January 19, 2009. Sadie is her mother, she is
a Salish, Targhee, and Leicester cross.  Her father is a Cotswold, Apollo.

                 Adopted by Tracy Mahon for
                         Janice Mahon
                           Happy Mothers Day


Mia was born March 13, 2009. She was a triplet, and she is a cross of Blue Faced Leicester and Salish, Targhee, and Border Leicester.

  Available for Adoption


Tinka is a beautiful cross of our Cotswold and Blue Faced Leicesters.  Arthur, her father , got over the fence in with our purebred Cotswolds- and the rest is history.  She was born March 26, 2010.

   Available for Adoption


Chocolate moved here with her half sister , Samantha, as a lamb in 2010.  Her father is a CVM and mother Merino.

               Available for Adoption


Snow was born April 30, 2011.  She was spoiled from the beginning. Her mother Sadie is one of our first sheep and as such she gets lots of special treatment- and Snow feels it is her birthright. She is Sadie's only white lamb and greatly resembles her father, Arthur.

                Available for Adoption

  Grumpy's sister-awaiting new name
Born March 4, 2014 the twin sister of Grumpy
she is a purebred Cotswold
Adopted by Katie for 
                David McLaughlin
             Happy Anniversary


We have other sheep available for adoption, in a variety of colors and fleece types. Email us with the type of fleece you are interested in and we will be happy to help you choose the right sheep for you.

Contact us  for more information
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