Windridge Fiber Farm


About Our Farm... 

Windridge Fiber Farm is located in the rolling hills of Southwestern Wisconsin, also known as the Driftless region, because the glaciers did not touch this area.  Our sheep graze about 80 acres of pasture and woods, accompanied by their faithful and sometimes grumpy donkey, Clementine.  Our flock is a diverse group that is bred for their beautiful fiber.  We raise both white and colored sheep.  They are mostly a cross of the Leicester (Border, English, and Blue Faced) breeds and Merino or Salish. These crosses give us a very useful medium crimp fleece with great luster.   Healthy sheep grow quality wool, our sheep have tested OPP negative and we are enrolled in the USDA Voluntary Scrapie Program.  

The Cotswolds…  In 2004 our son won a contest sponsored by the American Cotswold Record Association breeders.  His essay earned him a Cotswold ewe lamb.   The Cotswolds are a rare breed of long wool sheep.  They have beautiful long wool with wonderful luster.  We continue to grow our flock, and have added black Cotswolds as well.  

We love to teach others about sheep and wool.  We annually offer farm tours to our local school in addition to visiting classrooms with baby lambs and spinning wheel.  If you would like to visit our farm please contact us to set up an appointment.

We look forward to sharing our sheep and their fiber with you!





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